LMS Consulting, Development & implementation

and cost-effectiveness

Choosing and implementing a Learning Management System in your Company can be a complex task since there are many options in the market. Our LMS Consulting service brings complete transparency and cost-effectiveness in the decision making process.

Our LMS Consulting, Development & Implementation services include:
  • Full diagnosis to understand your specific requirements, number of learners, expected features, whether if you’d rather have a generic (out of the box) solution or developed specifically for your Company, living in the cloud or installed in your own servers, budget, etc.
  • Proposal of different (out of the box and custom developed) LMS options with pricing, pros and cons for you to choose the solution that best suits your needs.
  • Implementation of the platform, configuration, users registration, groups generation, course upload and assignation to specific users, communication boards setup, email and alerts setup, social learning setup, etc.
  • Exhaustive training for users and production of video tutorials to run specific functions in the LMS.
  • Training for the creation of different types of reports and management of gamification tools.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting for Key and/or General LMS users.

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