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Bzivo eLearning courses

Conceptualization and development

We focus on the conceptualization and development of the highest quality custom cross-platform eLearning courses, always attractive, engaging and highly interactive, delivering quick results to your organization.

  • We believe in GAMIFICATION to get your message across different audiences with the highest levels of remembrance.
  • We can create, from your every-day learning material to an Online University! All our courses are flexible, affordable, measurable and updatable.
  • We deliver cost effective, high quality results to all our customers no matter the size or industry. A suit tailored to your specific needs.


We currently develop custom eLearning Courses for all sorts of companies serving different industries in the US, Mexico, Central / South America and Spain. We are completely bilingual and bicultural. Our experience allows us to thoroughly understand your online training needs.

Cross-platform courses developed in Adobe Captivate, Articulate 360 (both SCORM-Compliant, ready to upload into any LMS), Unity, Html5, etc.

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The meeting​
The meeting​

We will get together to understand your requirement, specifics about the “learning personas” and main objectives of the project.

The strategy
The strategy

We will propose the most suitable learning strategy for the course. Whether it’s a very corporate or a casual, gamification option.

The script
The script

Our team will write the complete script for the WBT (Web Based Training) which will be submitted for your approval.

The storyboard
The storyboard

We will develop the storyboard, in which you’ll be able to review a blueprint of the course structure. Screens, animations, activities etc.

Graphic design
Graphic design

We will create beautiful eLearning screens based in your corporate identity that not only will they be didactic, but they’ll keep your learners interested and focused.

Didactic elements
Didactic elements

We will develop the different pieces selected for the project, such as: corporate characters, learning cartoons, animated and live action videos, games, etc.

Course Programming
Course Programming

Either for uploading it into your LMS (SCORM), website, mobile devices as a stand-alone application or intranet (html5, flash, etc.), Unity, UnReal, etc.

The testing
The testing

Your eLearning course will be subjected to exhaustive testing in an LMS environment guaranteeing top quality.

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