A personality behind the brand.

Give your brand
a character.

For many companies, the Mascot (Corporate Character) makes up the biggest and most memorable aspect of their brand, not only because it is recognizable to that company and its product, but also because it gives the organization an opportunity to showcase more of a personality behind the brand.

It’s the most effective tool to approach your target audience in a friendly and engaging way.

  • Allows a casual communication with the consumer (or the employee when used for internal communications).
  • Generates affinity with your target audience.
  • Helps to quickly identify your brand or product.
  • Marketing
  • Awareness Programs (e.g. safety, quality, service, etc.)
  • External or internal communications
  • For use in comprehensive training programs

Some of the Corporate Characters we've created

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How we do it

Our service includes:

Initial rough draft
Initial rough draft

3 proposals sketches based on customer requirements.

Full color/black and white versions
Full color/black and white versions

Corporate Character identity manual
Corporate Character identity manual

- Character description
- Character story
- Character design

Full color character rotation sheet
Full color character rotation sheet

- Front
- Back
- Left & Right profiles


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